Crashmodem is back.

I finally repurchased my website, after Chinese company that was holding it hostage for years, finally allowed their ownership to expire. I had retired from the phone company, and was looking for my way when the bill came due to renew my domain about ten years ago, and it just wasn’t a priority at the time. It didn’t take long for me to regret not having my own website to express myself, but I refused to be extorted into paying more than face value for my own name. I had to wait until that company got tired of paying the annual dues, and hope that nobody else showed interest is using my identity in the meantime.

I was the original creator of both the name “Crashmodem” and the website. The name came from my time in junior high school in the very early ’80s, when I was one of the first generation of hackers/programmers coming of age in the new computer era. If you happen to find an old hacked version of PacMan for the Apple II, you’ll have no problem finding my signature on the splash page. My junior high school was later sued by Atari for copyright infringement, and the school librarian never talked to me again. Anyway, no pretenders here- I am Crashmodem, and I’m back.

Don’t look for me to revert to posting about technical issues or product reviews in the near future, I’m continuing to explore my creative side with music and art, and mostly limiting my writing to politics and daily life. Most of my political writing over the past few years has short form quips on Twitter, and I really just needed a long form medium to express my ideas, frustration and outrage.

Thanks for stopping by.

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